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Mixed Feelings is a game where you find yourself whisked away into a beautiful place that's strangely familiar. Join Peri, Silas, and Kahira as they take your through Asphodel Meadows, and fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole as you learn more about their lives, the world around you, and possibly...yourself.

If you like the music from Mixed Feelings, consider downloading the soundtrack for only $2.50! https://hiimcase.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-feelings-soundtrack

CONTENT WARNING: Mixed Feelings has heavy subject matter that isn't quite explicit, but heavily implied, regarding grooming and abuse. Also, a slight epilepsy warning for certain quick flashes in the game. Player discretion is advised. Stay safe!

If you ever run into any bugs or anything, feel free to comment on the page, or even shoot me an email at spoonychan@gmail.com! Thank you so much!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Ok, cute art style, I won't spoil the mechanic though it's a little familiar, but reasonably implemented. Fairly short to burn through to all the endings. Would question calling this a 'dating sim' though, it has sim elements but, anyway. 

Oddest thing is having just brute forced my way through every option, and 'finished' the game boots to an 'end screen' and no access to menu, saves, can't go back. Is that a deliberate choice? I'd like to re-absorb the ending, but, do I have to re-install the game and play from scratch? 

Actually I just lifted my saves, and re-installed, and I'm still loading into the 'end screen'. If this is a single play-through game please make that more obvious? Thx.

Hello, I'm very sorry if this spoiled your experience and I'll actually be patching this some time this month if I get the chance because it doesn't seem to be landing the way I wanted it to. This is my first game I've literally ever made, and I've played a few games before that surprised me with a single playthrough twist at the end and I've always thought it was an interesting take, and all my beta testers seemed to also like the take as well so I didn't think anything of it. 

I'll be doubling down to try and get the updated version out ASAP, but in the meantime, if you'd like to delete persistent data and try to play through again, here's some information on how to do that https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/config.html#var-config.save_directory

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and I hoped you liked the game otherwise.

Oh no worries, it's a cute game and I enjoyed it. I'm just a serial re-player of stuff, sometimes I just like a chance to take in the game again and see details I might have missed, so I just want 'bwauaaagh?' at the lockout. It certainly didn't spoil anything, just wasn't expecting it on a VN like this but that's what keeps the genre interesting. 

I hope you keep making games, either in this universe or new ones. You just shouldn't have made Peri so adorable, I spent the entire game just wanting to give the poor thing a hug. 

Anyway, thx for the work and no worries about the update, at least re: the ending I know it's a feature now!

p.s. I can nuke all these messages if you want to not spoil anything, sorry, should have DM'ed all this. 

Oh gosh, no worries ;_; I'm really glad you enjoyed it, I was super worried the ending might've ruined it! And don't worry about spoilers, I feel the comments are vague enough that it wouldn't ruin anyone else's experience haha. In any case, I'm hoping with this update I can still get that Bamboozled feeling without completely locking the player out of the game, and have plenty of ideas that I might go with. I really appreciate your feedback! :D


Hello, this game will be avalible in Steam too or only here?

I'll see how it does here, and then possibly have a Steam release as well! :D


Thank you, i will be waiting :3